I feel like shit. It finally caught up to me.

This weekend went on for too long.

I’m mostly under/over slept.

‘ate so much crap this weekend.

And drank.

‘should have seen this coming.

I can’t party anymore.

Also, I’ve been fried all weekend.

This week I’m going to treat my body really well.

Saturday I took the bike out and spent time by the “pool” then cooked (fried) up a storm (literal smoke storm of shit) with friends, watched hockey and was in bed by 12. I think my body is telling me something!

Sunday I slept in, ate a healthy and garlicky brunch at home while watching tv and listening to the radio. Met my friends at the park to eat snacks on a blanket and watch homeless people play in a baseball game. I went home to change because I was cold and my friends told me I looked like a Beach Rapist. We went to play euchre at my best bud’s place, then  uptown to hang with my folks as per every sunday. Just got in and got everything ready for work tomorrow so I can sleep sound and early tonight!


I have this ability to make my weekends go on forever. 

My friday night started with the standard dinner with the fam followed by getting a last minute request to guest-appear on my good friend’s regular podcast after which we tried to party/bar hop to no avail ending up at Tallboys far too late for my early saturday morning gym plans. Saturday morning training was successful followed by a private voice acting lesson and a much needed nap. Last night was my cousin’s bday party in the junction’s playa cubana followed by a late night of drinks at 3030. Today I brunched at Momofuku for the first time and enjoyed the food and company. I walked around in the cold sunny day and had a couple coffee-friend dates–one friend was still tipsy post-Jays game! Finally after some resting at home I headed to my chef friend’s regular sunday industry-night house party including more excessive eats and drinks including confit pork loin and wine.

Friday night I saw David Sedaris then went to Beer Bistro for their upscale version of wings and fries. Saturday I trained boxing in the morning then through a small bbq and my laundry followed. I then went with my extended family to see my cousin play junior a hockey against st. mikes at bathurst and st clair then back to the west end where we finished the night at snakes and lattes and a slice at pizza gigi. Needless to say, I’m proud of my weekend thus far.

Artists like to pride themselves on being dreamers–the bigger the dream the better. In my opinion, Daniel Lanois is more than a dreamer, he’s a believer; someone who brings to life what most people will only dream about.

Last night, Daniel Lanois was recognized by the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame for his work as a producer, engineer and artist. This 60 year-old Quebecker from Hull has paid his dues almost silently behind some of the greatest acts in Rock History (Bob Dylan, U2, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young), but just like Canadian Music Week President Neill Dixon says “It’s time we in Canada celebrate the career of this remarkable man.” (http://www.cmw.net/awards/acclaimed-producer-engineer-artist-daniel-lanois-to-be-inducted-into-canadian-music-industry-hall-of-fame/)

I truly admire Lanois’ work ethic, influence and most importantly his music.

Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of chatting with some of Daniel’s friends, family and supporting acts. Here is his protege Rocco DeLuca and touring bass player Jim Wilson (Mother Superior, Black Dub) sharing their appreciation for their mentor and friend Daniel Lanois:

Rocco Deluca http://roccodeluca.com/

Jim Wilson http://jimwilsonmusic.blogspot.com

Congratulations Dan! Much deserved!


Thank you very much for tuning in to Ross Never Sleeps: The Blog!

Today’s topic: Why can’t I pretend my blog is like a radio show?

…Because your 10 readers (Hi Mom!) don’t understand your sense of style yet, nor do you have one–therefore before you waste anymore time (including your mother’s) let’s get down to why we are all home this weekend eating finger foods with our friends and family.

Sunday February 5th marks the 46th Super Bowl live from Indianapolis. Before I bore anymore of you non-sports fans away from this MUSIC blog–The New York Giants (underdog) will compete against The New England Patriots in a much anticipated match-up. But, if you’re like me, (which I would assume you are if you are still reading this) you are really there for the half-time show. Especially after last year’s lame attempt at a star-studded hip hop performance including The Black Eyed Peas, Slash and Usher. Whatever happened to the one major artist/band playing a set of hits? The more acts you have on stage together, the higher the risk of exposing Janet Jackson’s breast.

Lest we forget NFL?

I might be bias, but I think Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers did a really solid job at Super Bowl XLII and since then there really hasn’t been much competition. I think I’m pretty excited for Madonna’s performance this Sunday especially because it is featuring Nicki Minaj & MIA–it’s nice to see a star studded FEMALE pop performance for once….and Cee Lo Green (sure why not).

Here’s my Top 5 Superbowl Halftime Shows of the last 5 years:

5. Black Eyed Peas/Slash/Usher (Just really awful) — 2011

4. The Who (I saw them probably a year before this and they still had it, I don’t know why they struggled here) — 2010

3. Prince (A close second for sure–I just think he could have embraced more of his own hits, but man can that little guy wail on his guitar) — 2007

2. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (It’s Bruce, you either love him or hate him) — 2009

1. Don’t bore us, get to the chorus — I give you, the straight shooting hit makers: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers — 2008


Hey folks, I have really been lazy/busy with this blog. So I’ve decided to start adding more frequent and concise entries instead of waiting for a good show to happen so I can guerilla my way to the artists and write something about the whole experience. For all the stuff that has gone by or that I have promised to post (why would I ever promise shit I don’t know) it will eventually get compiled and released when I’m dead or something.

Anyway, I have been writing a lot of mini-posts on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rossneversleeps however, I think I’m just going to start posting my heavy, thought provoked commentary on music on this site again and then share it on there like i’m a big shit.

For my first, non-review/non-concert related post. Let’s talk about something I’m really unfamiliar with.


I was one of those guys who didn’t understand why the 80s were so darn cool. Maybe it’s my age (74) or maybe I didn’t know what to look for. Thankfully, as a lover of film–more and more hollywood films are taking an ‘indie’ approach to their soundtracks and approaching underground artists and turning them from independently slinging 300 copies of their 7” all over LA to mainstream artists being sought out by lovers of the feature film Drive starring local dreamboat Ryan Gosling.

I’m crushing on a lot House music lately. I’ve obviously needed a change as of late.

College and Electric Youth’s collaboration got some major recognition on the Drive soundtrack in 2011 — here’s hoping that more films will take from this and feed more money into these electronic artists. I mean, they’re just so skinny–seriously someone get them a bagel or something.

There’s some really good stuff coming out in the last few years that takes the best from the 80s while leaving behind the shoulder pads and you know….the hair.


On August 27, Ontario’s Green Belt farmers were given some much needed exposure at the 1st annual Harvest Picnic. Only a few thousand made it out to Dundas Ontario for this intimate event. Hosted by Hamilton native Daniel Lanois–his amazing lineup of special guest performers included Emmylou Harris, Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie and Ray Lamontagne.

Farmers and local artists lined the perimeter of the picnic all the way down to the lake where people were cooling off between sets. It was a hot and sunny day filled with plentiful local produce and even tastier local music.

Representing northern Ontario, Sarah Harmer and Gord Downie–and his band, The Country Of Miracles (featuring guitarist Don Kerr of the Rheostatics) warmed up the crowd as the hot sun set into the cool night. The value of the ticket was extraordinary considering the amazing lineup of musicians throughout the day.

The afternoon began with Silver Lake up-and-comer Rocco Deluca. He commanded the anxious audience with his sensual twist on folk music that had even my producers buckling their knees. Lanois’ eventually joined his Californian protege on stage as he wore many hats throughout the day making sure his 1st event ran smoothly.

Adding to Lanois’ long list of duties including photo-ops with fans and performing on the main stage–Lanois placed a stage directly in the middle of the crowd for intimate jams with his friends. Joining Lanois’ for up to six sets throughout the day included Rocco Deluca, Black Dub Bassist Jim Wilson and filing in for Brian Blade was drummer Steven Nistor–drummer for Brian Blade’s Mama Rosa.

Coming off a European tour with his band Black Dub, Lanois took the stage with his team eventually having Emmylou Harris come and perform her Lanois produced album, Wrecking Ball. As they finished, all (except Harris) hurried back to the stage amongst the crowd as the stage crew setup for the event’s headliner, Ray Lamontage.

Ray Lamontagne brought a certain elegance to the end of the festival. His band, The Pariah Dogs, were tight and solid–very refreshing after a long day of loud distorted jazz and rock. His music is beautiful and intimate–thus keeping up the theme that Lanois had worked hard to keep up throughout the day.

The overworked Lanois now knows what to expect for next year. As a outsider looking in, I applaud his efforts for a first run. Now, with his new studio based in downtown Toronto–let’s hope we see more of Daniel and his friends.

To read more about Black Dub’s summer tour and their two stops in Toronto: https://rossneversleeps.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/daniel-lanois-black-dub-end-their-canadian-leg-with-a-second-sold-out-show-at-torontos-opera-house/

Stay tuned next week for video interviews with Daniel Lanois’ band mates Steven Nistor, Jim Wilson and Lanois’ Silver Lake protege Rocco Deluca.